b3 Ionic Color Lock

by b3

R 955.00

Introducing b3 Professional Protective System – The Ultimate Shield for Vibrant, Long-Lasting Color

Step up your hair care game with the b3 Professional Protective System, the revolutionary treatment that uses breakthrough bond building and ionic technology to keep your week-one color looking fresh between salon appointments. Here’s why you need this game-changer in your arsenal:

Color Molecule Stabilization: Keep your color vibrant and true by stabilizing color molecules and preventing pigment shift and washout.

🌞 UV Protection: Counteract UV fade and protect your hair from the sun’s damaging rays.

🧥 Color Transfer Prevention: Protect against color transfer onto fabrics, ensuring your color stays where it belongs – in your hair.

🌿 Dirt & Pollution Repellent: Repel dirt and pollution, keeping your hair clean and fresh for longer.

Reduced Styling Time: Enjoy quicker, easier styling with hair that’s more manageable and less prone to tangling.

🚫 No Build-Up: A lightweight, silicone-free formula that won’t build up or alter your color.

For Optimum Results:

Professional Use:

  1. Shake product thoroughly.
  2. Generously spray throughout hair after every color service to close the cuticle.
  3. Comb through from root to tip and style as desired.

Client Use:

  1. Shake product thoroughly.
  2. Apply throughout clean, damp, or dry hair to keep the cuticle closed and dramatically reduce color loss.

Experience the Difference:

We’re confident that the b3 Professional Protective System will transform your hair care routine and keep your color looking vibrant and fresh. If you’re not amazed by the results, we’ll refund your money – guaranteed.

Join the Hair Care Revolution:

Make b3 Professional Protective System a staple in your salon and home hair care routine and experience the ultimate in color protection and care. Elevate your hair care game and see why b3 is set to be South Africa’s number one choice for luxurious hair treatments by the end of the year.

Don’t just protect your hair – perfect it. Invest in b3 Professional Protective System and enjoy long-lasting, vibrant color every day. 🌟 #b3HomeCare #LuxuryHairCare #ColorProtection #HealthyHair #VibrantColor #SouthAfricaHairCare